Lexicon Library – Dun loaghaire

Cine Electric won the tender to facilitate SISKs in the specialist fit-out of the Studio Space within the Lexicon Library in Dun Laoghaire.

The specialist fitout included Lighting, Audio, AV, Comms & Masking packages.

The lighting package consisted of 36-ways of Zero88 dimmers and 12-ways of Non Dim, an ETC SmartFade console, ETC Source 4 Zoom, Selecon Acclaim Fresnel Selecon Lui Floods and ETC ColorSource Pars as well as a DMX and Ethernet control Network.

The audio package consisted of a Yamaha YA 01V961 desk, Audac amps, flown EM Acoustic loud speakers and a stock of both Shure & AKG microphones. The AV package had a Christies digital projector and a motorised screen. The Comms consisted of a Sennheiser Infra Red Hearing Assist system along with a Techpro talkback System.

Masking consisted of a figure of 8 wrap-around Triple E track which had strategically located points, which similar to a railway, could divert a drape and thus allowing the masking to form various performance format layouts.