Film, TV & Event Lighting

Cine Electric Ltd is Ireland’s longest established Film, TV, Theatre & Event lighting provider and has provided temporary and permanent installation services for over 35 years. Cine Electric was established in 1976 by Paddy O’Toole . Over the many years Cine Electric has grown to be Ireland’s major supplier to the Film /TV and Events Industry.
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Film & TV Lighting

Cine Electric provide a vast selection of lighting to suit every need. Range includes HMI Lighting, Tungsten Lighting, Kinoflo Fixtures, LED kits, Portable kits, Fabrics and Frames, Flags and Nets, Stands, Metalwork, Filters, Tapes. Everything required for making your production come to life. Please contact our Team in Ardmore Studios for a quote. Cine Electric Film and TV Lighting in Ardmore Studios is Ireland’s Largest Supplier to the Film Industry.

Event Lighting

Cine Electric provide a vast selection of lighting to suit every need for a particular event. Our range includes Moving Lights, LED Lighting, Controls, Effects Lighting, Dimming & Distribution as well as much more. Please contact our team in Newtownmountkennedy for a quote. Cine Electric provides a range of solutions that offer the Lighting Designer some of the best available lighting fixtures.

Generator Hire

Cine Electric Provide the highest quality Generators in Ireland. The range includes 2kva portable, 10kva, 36kva Trailers, 40kva equipment carriers, 80kva equipment carriers,120kva equipment carriers, 160kva equipment carriers, 200 kva Twin Set generators. All Generators are super silent and are available in single phase and 3 phase.

Outdoor Broadcasting

Cine Electric provide state of the art twin set generators to facilitate un-interruptible power to live television outside broadcasts. All our Twin Set Generators conform to the latest technical and electrical regulations. We have provided Twin set Generators to Sky, NEP, TVM, Virgin Media, ÉIR Sport, BBC, Telegenic, Film & TV Services. Our generators have also operated outside Ireland and have been seen in Monaco covering the World Rugby awards as well as covering Rugby games in France and the UK.


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