Film + TV Lighting

Cine Electric provide a vast selection of lighting to suit every need. Range includes HMI Lighting, Tungsten Lighting, Kinoflo Fixtures, LED kits, Portable kits, Fabrics and Frames, Flags and Nets, Stands, Metalwork, Filters, Tapes. Everything required for making your production come to life. Please contact our Team in Ardmore Studios for a quote. Cine Electric Film and TV Lighting in Ardmore Studios is Ireland’s Largest Supplier to the Film Industry.

HMI Lighting

Advantages of HMI lights include: Efficiency: 2 to 5 times as efficient as incandescents. This means they use less power and run cooler. Colour temperature: HMIs run at around 5600K, daylight temperature. This makes daylight shooting easier, as well as eliminating loss of light from gels (which are necessary with incandescents). Light Quality: Directors of photography speak highly of the light produced by HMIs.

Tungsten Lighting

Tungsten Light from an ordinary light bulb containing a thin coiled tungsten wire that becomes incandescent (emits light) when an electric current is passed along it. Tungsten colour temperature is around 2800K to 3400K. Also known as incandescent light.

Kinoflo Lighting

Kino Flo designs all of its unique fluorescent lighting systems for motion picture, TV and commercial production. TRUE MATCH® lamp color is uniquely formulated by Kino Flo® to match the spectral sensitivity curves of film and digital imaging equipment. High output tungsten and daylight versions are available in sizes that range from nine inches to 6 feet, and yet the quality stays consistent within the True Match line. They are soft, energy efficient and cool to the touch. True Match lamps work side by side on the set with traditional tungsten and HMI fixtures without filtration.

LED Kits

Cine supplier for hire LED kits such as but not limited to:

  • A -Lite
  • Aladdin Eye-Lite Bi
  • Rosco Led 1×1 Bi Colour Lite Pads
  • Arri Sky Panels
  • Kino Flo Celeb kits
  • LED Lite Pad Kit
  • LED Lite Panels.

Portable Kits

Cine Electric can provide a range of portable kits. Battery operated, Mains Or Invertor powered. Our range includes the following:

  • ARRILUX Pocket Pars
  • Joker-Bug 200/400/800
  • Lowel Rifa eX 55/66/88
  • DedoLight Kits
  • LED Lite Pad Kits & Panels
  • Lowel Tota Light Kits
  • Kino Flo Mini Flo Car Kit


Cine provice metalwoks such as: Gaffer Clamps, Flat Clamps, Barrel Clamps, Gabio Heads, Mini & Large Turtle Bases, Base Plates, G Clamps, Swan Necks, Boom Arms and so on.


Cine Electric have a vast selection of different types of stands.

  • Low Boy Combo Stand
  • 2 Lift & 3 Lift Combo Stands
  • Master Stands
  • Maxi Stands
  • Universal Stands
  • Single & Double Wind Up Stands
  • Super Wind Up Stands