Kinoflo Lighting

Kino Flo designs all of its unique fluorescent lighting systems for motion picture, TV and commercial production. TRUE MATCH® lamp color is uniquely formulated by Kino Flo® to match the spectral sensitivity curves of film and digital imaging equipment. High output tungsten and daylight versions  are available in sizes that range from nine inches to 6  feet, and yet the quality stays consistent within the True Match line. They are soft, energy efficient and cool to the touch. True Match lamps work side by side on the set with traditional tungsten and HMI fixtures without filtration.

Kino Flo 4Bank/DMX
Kino Flo’s award winning 4ft 4Bank portable lighting system is reintroduced with a new design. With ..
Kino Flo Celeb 200
Kino Flo Lighting Systems
The Celeb® 200 DMX LED produces a soft, even wraparound light quality (PRI 95) and produces color fa..
Kino Flo Double
The popular Double portable lighting system has been redesigned with universal input voltage from 10..
Kino Flo Vista Beam
Kino Flo's VistaBeam® 600 will change the way our industry lights film and television studios. A Vi..
Kino Flo Diva Lights
The Diva-Lite® 400 has become the industry's most popular professional cool lighting fixture for vid..
Kino Flo Barfly
Kino Flo packs a lot of soft light into its new blade-thin Barfly's. The brighter, smaller, lighter ..
Kino Flo Kamio Ring Light
Kamio Ring-Lights provide a glamour lighting solution for close ups in film and video photography. T..
Kino Flo Mini Flo Car Kit
The Mini-Flo System, sometimes called a "car kit," can be found most often lighting night time car i..
Kino Micro Flo Kit
The Micro-Flo System is a 12VDC portable softlight, the smallest  Kino Flo made. It is most oft..
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