Magic Arm
A fully articulated arm with 90° pivotable and 360° rotatable ends, and an elbow that rotates 360°. ..
Gaffer Clamp
Called the Pelican Gaffer Grip because of its profile, and its ability to open wide, and hold a lot...
Flat Clamp
A Medium duty scenery clamp which opens out to 100mm, fitted with fixed 29mm receiver. Clamp Capa..
Barrell Clamp
The Barrel Socket Clamp enables the easy fixing of lighting instruments and fixtures fitted with a 2..
Large Gobo Head
115mm Large Griphead with an offset 29mm receiver to accommodate luminaires. Dual position locking h..
2.5 inch Grip Head
65mm Standard Griphead. Fits all Baby and ‘C' stands via a 16mm receiver. Clamp plates slotted to ac..
Mini & Large Turtle Bases
16mm Low Level Mini & 28mm Large Turtle. A low cast aluminium stand with folding base and 29mm r..
Base Plates
16mm & 28mm Base Plates. A range of floor and wall mounted receivers used to mount luminaries ..
Polly Holders
1" Polly Holders & 2" Polly Holders. We also stock Duck Bill 10mm Foam Core Holders. Alumi..
Swan Necks
16mm Mini Swan Neck & 28mm Large Swan Neck ..
G Clamps
8" - 10" - 12" G Clamps with 28mm Socket. Heavy duty ‘G' Clamps fitted with dual position 29mm recei..
Onka Bonks & Hi Lifts
Onka Bonk With 28mm socket. Solid Hi Lifts. Single Lift Hi Lifts. Double Hi Lifts ..
Tee Bars
16mm Mini Tee Bars & 28mm 5 point Tee Bars ..
Magic Arm Camera Mount
The Magic Arm Camera Mount ..
Boom Arms
Century Boom Arm with 16mm Male. Avenger Boom Arm with Weight Block , 16mm male and 28mm female sock..
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