Truss & Rigging

Cine Electric Ltd is the largest stockist of PCM Lodestar motor hoists in Ireland. Cine Electric Ltd has the most extensive rigging dept in Ireland, with more steel rigging - the preferred method of flying - than any other company, this was built up over the last 10 years with the advice of the most experienced riggers in the country. Our in-house hoist technicians have been trained to PCM standards.

We hold a large stock of trussing for hire on temporary installations.

CM Lodestar Motors
The most popular chain hoist for entertainment industry applications in the world. 1 ton and 0.5 ..
Ground Support (GS) 12 x 12 Truss
12" x 12" General Purpose truss is manufactured from 2" dia x 0.125" wall and 1" dia x 0.125" wall 6..
Manual Chain Blocks
Description 1 ton manual chain blocks with chain bags ..
Motor Control
Outboard LV6 motor controllers Outboard LS3 splitter boxes PCM 6ch motor controllers 12ch custo..
Rigging Accessories
Other Rigging stocked Safety Steels 3ft, 5ft ,10ft , 20ft Spansets 6m, 4m , 3m , 2m , 1m  ..
Slick Minibeam
Description Mini Beam is a small, medium-duty, extremely compact trussing system using high grad..
Slick Minibeam Circle
Description 7.5m outside diameter Mini Beam is a small, medium-duty, extremely compact trussing..
Superlite Truss
This lightweight truss is ideal for Exhibition, Conference and Small venue work. Using the Supertrus..
Thomas Ground Support Systems
Description Cine Electric Ltd has  2 x Ground Support systems for hire. Each system uses Th..
Thomas Ground Support Tower 30.5cm
Description The Ground Support Tower is manufactured with the purpose of providing a lifting medi..
Thomas Lifting Points
Description Where you dont want to use spansets and shackles as your lifting point these are exac..
Thomas Pre Rig Supertruss
Description The Pre-rig Truss evolved from the touring industry's requirement for a truss to stor..
Thomas Superlite 30.5cm
Description This lightweight truss is ideal for exhibition, conference and small venue work. Usin..
Thomas Supertruss 52cm
Description The Supertruss design features end connectors, which are horizontally orientated, so ..
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