Generic Lighting

Cine Electric's stock of generic lighting.

Lycian M2 - 2500w Follow Spots
Long throw models, 2500w HMI Modular system which has main chassis which can then take long throw..
Description Known more as 'audience blinders', Molephay are available in various configurations for..
Outdoor Par 64 cans
Description DTS PAR 64 IP 66. DTS Par 64 IP 66 Watertight Parcan is  for external use. High ..
Par cans
Par 64,  Par 56,  Par 16 birdies ( black & silver ) Cine Electric Ltd offer a se..
Robert Juliat 2.5k Profiles (10-25 deg)
Description 10 - 25 deg beam angle 2500k lamp Iris's available A-size gobo holders available ..
Thomas 4 cell cyclites
Description Cyclites can be used floor mounted with the body of the unit having a 30 degree angle f..
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