Cine Electric offer a vast range of lighting effects to accompany any lighting rig.
Whether it be haze or smoke machines to enhance moving light and generic light beams to high powered strobe effects. Other effect lighting products feature below.

Animation Discs
Description Radial break up & Elliptical break up effect discs available Showing is Radial b..
Chroma Q color scrollers
Description The Chroma Q color scroller provides control of a user customised internal gel string ..
With a 2-liter tank capacity and an astoundingly low fluid usage the run time on one tank of oil-bas..
Description 3 speed chrome high powered fans. Ideal for use with smoke and haze machines. ..
Fuzz Lights
Description We stock red , amber and blue. ..
JEM ZR 45 ..
Look Solutions Unique 2 haze machines
Description The haze machine UNIQUE 2, the follow-up model of the Unique, offers various features, ..
Martin Atomic 3kw Strobes
Description The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 3000 W high-impact strobe.  The Ato..
Martin Jem ZR33 - Hi Mass - DMX smoke machines
Description The ZR33 Hi-Mass is a powerful and instant atmosphere generator for large clubs, stage ..
Martin ZR 44
Martin Mac
The Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass™ is a reliable and highly efficient fogger capable of precise fog delivery from..
Mode - Arc-Line Strobes
Description Arc-line is an attractive multi strobe system that can be used to add movement to a s..
MVS Smart
Le Maitre MVS Smart ..
Pixel range Patt 2015
e from old broadcast equipment, Aston designed the PATT 2013 around an easily available, reliable mo..
Silk Flame Effects
This a great effect which will liven up your stage set or event.  Supplied with a silk fl..
UV Guns & UV Tubes
Description Spotlight Quadro 400w Black UV Guns and a selection of standard UV tubes with fitting..
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