Dimming & Distribution

Cine Electric offer a vast range of dimming and distribution to dim and power the most complex moving lights and effect packages to the most basic generic lighting package.

Andolite Distros
eatures 18 x 16amp outlets (6 on each phase) 3 x 32amp 1 phase outlets (1 on each phase) 1 x 32a ..
Arri 36ch Dimmers
Features 125amp main input 3 phase mains indicators Socapex outputs 16amp socket outputs DMX un..
Avolites Art 2000t-24ch Dimmer
Specification Cost effective dimming and distribution solution  24 channels at 16 Amps at 100..
Avolites Art 2000t-48ch Dimmers
Specification 48 channels at 16 amps per channel  Channels can be specified as dimmable or ho..
Avolites FD 36ch Dimmer
Specification 36 Channel Systems  20A modules  Inductive loads smoothly controlled ..
Avolites FD 72ch Dimmer
Specification 72 Channel Systems  20A modules  Inductive loads smoothly controlled ..
Distro Units 1 phase
Features 63amp 3 phase input 12 x 16amp outlets (4 per phase) 3 x 32amp outlets (1 per phase) ..
Distro Units 3 phase
Features Main indicators 1 x 125amp 3 phase input 2 x 63amp 3 phase outlets   ..
ETC SmartPack 12ch Dimmers
Features Packed with ETC dimming performance and reliability Maximum density available for minimum..
GSL Distros
Features Powerlock input and output Amp meter 3 phase indicators Socapex Modules ( 6 x outlets) ..
Rubber Box - Distro Unit 3 phase
Features Mains indicators Main switch Breakers and earth leakage on each outlet Powerlock 3..
Uni Dimmers
Portable 10A dimming/switching pack with CEE form input and outputs. Suitable for dimming control ..
Zero 88 Alpha pack 3 ch Dimmer
Features  Three channels  6.3 Amps per channel  Three Fader local control  O..
Zero 88 Betapack 3 - 6ch Dimmers
Features  MCB protection as standard  Isolated DMX input  Patchable per channel&nb..
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