Cine Electric offer a vast range of lighting consoles to control the most complex moving lights and effect packages to the most basic generic lighting package.

ETC SmartFade 24/96
Features Three variations: SmartFade 1248, SmartFade 1296 and SmartFade 2496 48 24-step sequence..
Luminex - Ethernet - DMX8
The Ethernet-DMX8 is an ethernet node that serves 8 DMX512 outlets, compatible with the ArtNet proto..
Pulsar Rock desks
Description The Rock Desk  brings sophisticated effects controls within the means of all perfo..
Description An APC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) instantly switches to emergency battery backu..
Whole hog II
Description The Whole Hog II seamlessly integrates control of all moving and conventional lighting..
Zero 88 Alcora 12ch
Features DMX output 12 Channels (24 in Wide Mode) Two Preset Operations  External Memory St..
Zero 88 Juggler 12/24
Features  Two Preset Operation  12/24 Channels  Flash Buttons  12 Sequences ..
Zero 88 Level 6ch
Features Single Preset  6 Channels  Master Fader  Power On LED  Analogue on..
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